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Tali piece cancelled

1/31/13 by Fatelogic

Sorry guys, I know you all wanted to see the finished piece done and all that, but I'm really not getting into it... I don't know if it's a mood thing, if there's something with the balance of the image or whatnot, but I'm REALLY not enjoying the making of the piece (it feels almost like a chore), and when things get down to this point... I feel like I have to pull the plug out of it... Sorry guys, someday I'll make a nice Tali piece... but, at least for now... I'm not able to enjoy it... IDK why... hope you understand -.-

Fate out!


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Don't cry, Saminat.
Well, it's your choice, Fate. Take a little break, this maybe give you nice idea of next work.
And we (i hope so) waiting for your earlier heroines. Nym Rose is not dead!



I'll cry myself to sleep tonight, but I understand.



I understand. It's not a big deal to me.

It's okay Fate, I don't mind.