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3/19/13 by Fatelogic
Updated 3/20/13

From now on, the "M.S.A. 2" fundraiser project has begun!

After some debate among the fans of the first M.S.A., along with analysis of different fundraising projects of similar magnitude, we've decided to set the bar at 50.000 USD!!!

Seeing how between all the sites where M.S.A. was uploaded, the ammount of players exceeded the 500.000 plays in barely 2 months, we thought that such goal was rather easy to attain, as well as lenient enough over the thousands of potential donors.

The project will begin it's conceptual first step in a week or two (planning the argumentative story for the sequel, considering the content, etc.), so from now on, if you wish to help to reach this goal, you can direct your most helpful donation here:

PayPal account for the fundraising:

I know that, with your combined effort, such objective would be a breeze ^^

Fate out!!!

P.s.: Just some sketchy eyecandy down here for you XD



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how close are you to releasing part 2

6/4/13 Fatelogic responds:

Not a clue. I haven't started thinking on a sequel yet. The Fundraiser was cancelled minutes after it's proposal, so it went nowhere :S



Hehe, i see you shine's face. But this work postpones the creation VN. How sadly T_T



Hmm, could I just commission you for another picture instead? heheh

3/19/13 Fatelogic responds:

With THIS in my hands, I seriously doubt I'll have even a chance to breathe...