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How did you became a Fatelogicker?

2/14/13 by Fatelogic

Yeah, pretty simple question... IDK how I didn't thought about it before... beats me...

How did you got in touch with my work? Where? A friend told you? Saw a piece of mine in another site? I prone to bet that many might have known my job from my two hentai games, "Slave to Pleasure: The Black Box" and "My Sexy Anthro: Fluttertime!", but I do know as well that more than 50% of my watchers were here before I even did StP, so there... tell me your story I'm sure there must be one out there I wasn't expecting XD

Fate out!


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I'm proud to be a Fatelogicker.
Keep up the good work of art!~



AGREED WITH dragonslayer5697! We want round 2! Man, I want round 2 so damn much.

when are you coming out with round 2! of fluttertime i want to play it badly!!!



You are a great animator and game maker and all, but if i may, can i make a request for you to make a "sim date?" Involving lance and the other anthros? The scene is perfect and all, but a challenge is always fun! I'm sorry if i repeated a question, I just like a good sim date, and these scenes and characters have potential. Just think about it. -.-'

I dunno. The only thing that pops up in my head when i hear ,,Fatelogic'' is your art.

I was looking through some Peach art and I found your piece! So I was like, "this is pretty good." Then I clicked on your profile and that's where the fun began.



I think it was back when you placed a help wanted ad for StP. Heheh, I thought you had some sexylicious art!

After perusing the new art for the day I saw your art. To be honest... it took a handful of pictures before i didn't to follow you.
And now we are here.
Awesome work!!!



well i was looking through the latest art one day and came across your piece "Here Comes A New Challenger". So i decided to see what other art you had and I really liked what i saw.

Founded your name on a review, so I visited your profile and saw what you made. And its awesome and sexy :3



I saw your art and liked alot so i just kinda gravitated i guess



How I got in touch with your work because I've been venturing around newgrounds and saw your name and looked at your amazing work.



you are very good at making hentai interactive games if you can pull off the main 6 and 1 other one im sure you will get a lot of attention. I don't even like ponies and i "enjoyed" the game you have made.

nice job fatelogic



well i saw your art and thought you were pretty cool