Slave to Pleasure 2: mindstorm

2012-10-08 18:49:00 by Fatelogic

If you were an amnesic young succubus recently hired on a night club, what "chores" would you be encharged to fullfill? XD

I know it's the weirdest question ever, but I'm making a list of the "tasks" Amy (the protagonist of the next Slave to Pleasure game sequel) could do, and how, by doing each task, her stats would be affected.

For example:

*Preparing cocktails as a barmaid would raise her "charisma" and "dexterity", but would lower her "constitution".
*Dancing at the pole would raise her "constitution" and "dexterity", but lower her "intelligence".
*Fullfilling the "urges" of some customers would raise her "sexual skills", "dexterity" and "constitution", but greatelly lower her "stamina bar".

That kind of things.

Now, I'm not asking which "stats" should the game have. I'll decide on that along the road, depending on the final kind of gameplay mechanics. What I want to hear is what other chores could be aviable.

Amy would be like an apprentice at "The Original Sin", learning the various trades of the place with each one of her partners (like Sheryl when it comes to poledancing, Aika when preparing drinks at the bar, Nym would be a "master of all trades" since she's the "leader" of the group, etc.), so having different tasks she could fullfill and eventually master would enrich the gaming experience, making it a Hentai Raising simulator with more depth than just an "interactive porn pseudogame". And that's what I'm aiming for.

Leave your thoughts ^^

Fate out!!


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2012-10-08 22:49:17

Well, aherm, If I were a succubus and not the sexy incubus that I am, I guess I'd Lure in modest gents as they walk by? Huh? Or, I dunno, just suck a dick or something...

Fatelogic responds:

Guess that will happen in any game I do XD


2012-10-09 00:01:40

I know this is the answer you probably don't want to hear but if Amy were walk up to any guy in that club and say, "let's go fuck." i bet they would be more than willing too lol.

in my opinion, i don't think you should make the whole stat thing really complicated because at the end of the day the people playing that game just want to see Amy in action and don't want to go through a lot of trial and error to get there. personally one of the things that i loved about Slave to Pleasure 1 is that you were right in the action.

that's just me though.

Fatelogic responds:

Well, but that's what "S.t.P. 1" is for. For the simplicity. Those who want simplicity could check the first one, while more inmersive players would preffer "S.t.P. 2". I'm trying to reach out for the majority of the audience, and many would have liked "S.t.P 1" to be more complex or complete, so that's what Im going for in the second release, but I do understand your point.


2012-10-09 00:04:31

*Dancing at the pole would raise her "constitution" and "dexterity", but lower her "intelligence".
It takes a fair a bit of intelligence to stay on form and not get hurt in the acrobatics... maybe it should take a hit to charisma, cause work like that takes a lot of energy and concentration.
I'm sure whatever stat paradigm you come up with, will do the job. Too bad you can't reverse engineer something from Fallout 3. Good luck being your own Army - the honor will be yours alone.

Fatelogic responds:

The poledancing example about her inteligence decreasing was just an example. Usually this kind of games need to boost some points while lowering others to mantain the equilibrium needed, so to make the player think twice before deciding on a schedule (and man, the charisma would only rise on a poledancing show... its an erotic show, after all, charisma is vital).

Anyway, I'll come up with somethin eventually. I just wanna have a solid idea of what I'll need to do this time, instead of just "building as I think of something" like I did with "Slave to Pleasure 1".

Thx for the support :D