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To NorseWrath:

1) Once you reach a certain speed, you cannot accelerate anymore due to earth's gravity not being infinite (that would be the only way to accelerate non-stop). After that, you only keep a constant speed, not increasing nor decreasing.

2) Chell has a device attached to her legs that work as sort of a spring to counter the impact when she falls from high ground (which is almost all the time). It's explained at the start of the game. Logical? Nope. Fun? Heck yeah.

Sigh... I'm so tired of seeing this hipster cliche everywhere I go...

Buddy, I draw boobs in almost 4 out of 5 pieces, and I won't lie, I fare pretty well. But the key to being a successful (or unsuccessful) artist doesn't resides in drawing or not drawing boobs. This fact renders this brainless argument absolutelly FALSE.

Take this exact website for example. Just look at the art gallery from all time to this very day, and order it by user's givenn score... SURPRISE!!!

In the top place, from the top 24 pieces, only ONE is an adult piece (and it's ranked on the 16th place, to be precise). Besides, the top tier is composed by pieces for all ages mostly.

This goes to show that either if you draw boobs or not, you must have a good technique, a good sense of creativity, be original, impress the watchers, etc. I for example have amassed a rather decent ammount of followers both here and at DA... but hey, half the world draws boobs... and yet 90% of them don't go anywhere... I must be doing something to differentiate me from the rest, right?

"SignHerePlease"'s works (one of which is the first one you zoom in this crappy flash) are an amazing display of attractive use of light effects, anatomy and design. He's doing well because he earned it, buddy, not just because he draws hentai.

This cliche you rant about is just a rusty, useless argument imposed by yourself as a way to believe you're better than those who put their hard aquired skills in every piece they make... and by the way...

How hypocrite of you is using a pair of boobs as the preview image (which you even't drew, of course) of this trash as a way to attract more views...? And don't come at me saying that it was intended as a cynical reference, no one with a couple braincells still functioning would buy that...

If you want an audience, earn it fairly, don't try to sound rebelious when even you can't follow your own example...

AwesomeMate responds:

How dare I rebel against the great Fatelogic? Boobs are clearly the pinnacle of artform and every artist should aspire to draw as many boobs as possible in order to enlighten us mortal as to the true value of human breasts. Human breasts are obviously such an important feature of human anatomy that only post-pubertal females can have them and surely have other important functions other than providing breastmilk for infants. Half the world draws breasts, therefore drawing breasts must be a good idea. Eat shit, millions of flies can't be wrong.

Your entire argument summed up in one sentence: Boobs are good because they are good.

Wanna get 3 times more watchers than normal? Put boobs in the main pic and as a tag. Certified to win.

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Loved the series. Too bad the ending is a litte underwhelming (it feels kinda rushed), but that doesn't take away the fact that this was indeed a great game series ^^

This game is a flash masterpiece. I just love the poetic style that the music, the color chocie and the artwork manage to create as a result of them merging with each other. Just perfect.

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Now that's one surprisingly creative character design... Shit, makes one wish I'd have come up with that kinda concept xD

Silk-smooth animation too, btw. Great job!

Holli, Holli, Holli...

Easing the youth into puberty since 1992...

The Psychicpebble model made me spit my fucking coffee...

So glorious.

Very crisp, accurate representations, btw. Nice one!

Mastering the arts of pervyness day by day!!!

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