Fluttertime! Project back on track

2012-12-08 11:42:44 by Fatelogic

First secuence (BJ) finally complete (all 3 variables with their 2 optional finishing sequences).

About to start rebuilding what was lost of the second secuence (Intercourse).

After that, it'll be time for the tird secuence (Paizuri), two animated images for the ending, and the general polishing, narration, button creation and such.

It'll be a harsh, long road, but it's moving again nevertheless.


Fluttertime! Project back on track


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2012-12-08 13:23:29

Thanks great that the project is back on. But sadly when it is completed, I won't be able to see it.


2012-12-08 14:43:19

I'm glad to see you back on it. i'd seriously never have the patiants to make a game XD i'd rage quit.

Fatelogic responds:

I ragequited on many early projects... I had my fair share of "rage exposure therapy", so I somewhat handle it by now... but it's a pain nevertheless xD Thing is that:

1) Making games is an incredible way of self-promotion. All my websites exploded the day after the release of S.T.P.

2) I'll apply a donation button on the game. If it makes some kind of minimal profit, I'll be able to do more projects.

3) I love keeping myself busy XD


2012-12-08 16:06:42

Haroo! I can't wait!


2012-12-08 20:55:42

Who the hell am I fooling. I can view this behind my parents back because I'm insane.


2012-12-09 08:04:42

YYYAAAAYYY!!!! I can't wait!!!!!

I'm glad your working on it again! :D


2012-12-18 14:09:20

is this hentai