Speeding up on Fluttertime!

2012-12-10 21:39:01 by Fatelogic

All that was lost got recently rebuilt, and even enhanced in some aspects.

Let's give a check in for the people out there awaiting it's release:

1) As said, all progress lost at the previous power shortage was redone.
2) All BJ secuences finished. (only lack of sound aside from basic ones and the BGM, but I'll tackle that once the whole game is done cause it's a lesser task).
3) Intercourse animations finished (two speeds: Regular and Fast. Adding a third one seemed kida pointless) (The "finish" secuences are still undergoing developement)
4) Sketching paizuri drawing for further use in paizuri sequence. This would be the last sequence in queue. Once it's done, the "main part" of the game will be finished.

If this were all that's left to do, I'd probably be finished by a week or so... However, I had in mind two more images aside from the "action" ones. One with Flutters resting post-ecchi action ( ), and a fifth and last image as a little joke/cameo with a surprise guest (both of these 2 images wouldn't be interactive nor strictly hentai, but more like just soft ecchi for shit and giggles).

Now that I think bout it, I could put up a poll about it and see what people think I should do...

Should I rush it, finish it as soon as the main 3 sequences are finished? Or would you prefer to wait for the long shot and have the whole project as it was intended since conception?

Fate out!!!

Speeding up on Fluttertime!


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2012-12-10 21:43:13

Hahah, it'd be funny to see a picture of post ecchi fluttershy and regular fluttershy freaking out and blushing.

I dunno, I'm stupid!

Fatelogic responds:

"My Flutter" isn't precisely THAT shy... that's why I named her "Flutter" alone...



2012-12-10 23:06:00

Nah nah, not actually anything with pony shy, just her freaking out or something. Like I said, I'm stupid :P

Fatelogic responds:

You'll eventually see how things go by xD

And remember, I have no knowledge of MLP whatsoever, so I create my own impressions of this "alternate reality" XD


2012-12-11 21:21:33

So this will be completed soon?

Fatelogic responds:

Depends on what you consider "soon"... but probably the answer would be "no" xD


2012-12-13 01:41:59

I'd rather wait a bit longer if it means higher quality when it's done :)

Fatelogic responds:

I hope it pays off ^^


2012-12-13 16:11:18

Very excited for this, I have no problem waiting for a more elaborate version, so by allmeans good sir, take your time and make it great :D

Fatelogic responds:

I'll do my best, thx.


2012-12-14 21:38:09

Unlike most people I'd say concentrate all your efforts into the rest of the game, everything else can wait if you ask me, don't rush anything but put your efforts on it.

Fatelogic responds:

Thx ^^ However, most people told me the same xD I guess they preffer quality over speed. (And so do I)


2012-12-16 16:38:14

Sounds pretty awesome! I would say just put all your effort intot he main game, take your time with that, and the rest I would say hold off of.

I'm kind of in the same boat as Combinecommando.....