Fluttertime! Progress report # ialreadyforgot... 2

2012-12-30 00:26:07 by Fatelogic

Well, as some of you might know, things were (and still are) quite messy around here, but I kept working on the project as a way to give me a break and put my mind somewhere else (much needed), so I decided to give you all a little report on the progress of "Fluttertime!".

I'm glad to say that all "sex scenes" are finally fully animated, so let's recap the options you'll have:

One BJ scene with 4 different variables and two different "climax scenes". (total of 6 alternatives in the BJ option).
One Paizuri scene with 3 different variables and one "climax scene". (total of 4 alternatives in the Paizuri option).
One Intercourse scene (doggystyle, mind you ;) ) with 2 different variables and two "climax scenes". (total of 4 alternatives in the Intercourse option).

Now that all the "core" animations are done (aka: the "interactive" ones in which the game is based), they still have to be linked and articulated through button commands and all that shit that implies a bulkshitload of programming. If that were it, then the game would be pretty much near finished... still have to get good sexy sounds and such, but that is minor work. However, that damn ending has to be done, and that implies drawing two more pieces and animating them so... yeah... it's a neverending story (I seriously wonder wtf will I do when I finish this game... it has been months since I started... never expected it to last THIS LONG...)

Anyway, feel free to leave your comments, questions and such. See ya later guys!

Fate out.

Fluttertime! Progress report # ialreadyforgot... 2


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2012-12-30 01:52:24

Sounds awesome! And I think I can speak for most your fans when I say this: We can wait.

Take your time, no pressure whatsoever, and do what you got to do. Personally, I don't think it's been that long (I'm patient haha). What's good is that you give us constant updates to know how things are going so I can't really complain.

Anyways, keep up the good work!


2012-12-30 08:48:35



2012-12-30 12:54:40

In my personal opinion I believe you want to put a little too much into this, after all it's just a H-game, it only needs a little context not a big story (which imo seems is what you're doing without noticing) what I mean by that is you want to put so much context that you'll put too much in the end and it'll end up as a big story.

In any events it is not my choice nor my project, it is yours, but I have stated my opinion and I believe even though it might not be the best of them, it should still be considered. No matter what you choose to do I believe this will be an awesome game.


2012-12-30 17:28:13

you have been telling us news on how it is going so we can all basely tell that you have been working hard on it