Unexpected turn on the Fluttertime! project :S

2012-12-30 21:49:57 by Fatelogic

Guys, I have a... strange thing to inform you about the Fluttertime project :S

Thing is as follows:

Newgrounds (the site I'm planning on releasing the game), has a limit of 20 MBs for a flash file (either animation or game, doesn't matter). As you all might know, I was planning on adding some backstory, two "ending scenes" and such... but here's the thing... the project is seriously on the 20MB edge as of now (without including all that "additional content") and I've cut as many resources and corners as I could, so there's no way in hell I can find another way of making it smaller for the "added content" to fit in, so...

I'm guessing I'll have to simplify it a little... meaning leaving behind the idea of adding an ending sequence (aka, the game will have only the sex scenes).

Now for the "ironic turn of events" of this issue:

On the bad side, well... the game will not feel AS inmersive for those looking for a more built up atmosphere (you know, knowing a little about the main character situation, the reason why he lives with anthro girls and such).

But on the good side... the game will be finished MUCH SOONER than what was expected... I'd dare to say pretty soon, maybe the first week of the upcoming new year (aka, 4 days from now on, more or less).

I'm still thinking about how to deal with this... you know, how to "shape" the game for it not to look like an "unfinished product" just because I had to simplify it a little, so any advice, opinion or thoughts you have about it, please feel free to leave them here. I'll keep working over it... I wouldn't dare to say the game will be ready for today but... who knows... tomorrow, or a couple days after tomorrow... I really have no idea but...


Fate out!!!

Unexpected turn on the Fluttertime! project :S


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2012-12-30 22:01:27

I would really hate to see your work botched on such a heinous turn of events. My advice would be to ask in the forums or maybe ask a few programmers as well if they have any tips on cutting down on the memory of file. Worst case scenario, I'd guess you'd have to submit a lesser version, but I'm pretty sure your fans would appreciate an external link to the full version, that way all of your backstory work isn't wasted.

Really hope you can find a solution to this, Fate, I'll be rooting for you!

Fatelogic responds:

Neh, thing is I already know cutting more space isn't possible. It's not something a programmer could solve. The space is occupied by images and sounds, and I've reduced their weight to the minimum possible (without having to remake everything from scrap... that's just out of the question).

What I have to figure out is how to "finish" the game. I was planning on doing an "epilogue" of sorts, but that won't be possible because of size problems, so I was thinking on doing an "intro" of the story, start the sex game itself, and give the option at the end of each scene for the player to either play or replay another scene, or go back to the main menu.

It isn't what I originally intended, sure, but I have no way of cutting more corners on this. Needless to say that the core of the game (the sex scenes) are all included. All what would be missing would be a little more detail on the backstory and the punchline I intended to add at the end, but... IDK, I'll try to make it as "self contained" as possible.

It's a hard task, but the essentials of the game is assured.


2012-12-30 22:13:52

Heheh, well, I'm sure everyone will be satisfied! Are you going for a text only epilogue/prologue?

Fatelogic responds:

I'm not sure... maybe I'll take out one of the two images I wanted to add and see if I manage to squeeze it in... like sticking your dick in a cheerio...


2012-12-30 22:19:45

I'd suggest putting an end scene(s) into the NG dump... but maybe just PM Tom and see if he'll bend on the 20MB limit. Those mp4's draw a helluva lot more HD space. Hope things work out. This isn't YouTube, and you're not going to get yelled at for taking the time to get things just right....

Fatelogic responds:

Nah, I think that I can somewhat bend this strange turn into something... truth be told, the game ALREADY is way more than I expected it to be when I just started the project, but I don't want to drag it even longer. I started it with something like "Slave to Pleasure: The Black Box" in mind... you know, short and just intended for replay as long as you wanted... something that could be done quick...

But you know, taking a character like Fluttershy generates a lot more expectative on MLP fanbase (which seems to follow me quite a lot, even when I clarified that I've never seen the show xD), and it started snowballing and... yeah, I suddenly had in my hands a project way bigger than what I intended... and I kinda want to move on... go back to my art (my gallery has been dead for months due to this), start different projects... keep moving, you know?

Anyway, I'll manage to get it right somehow... I just don't know the specifics yet.


2012-12-30 22:21:01

Hahahahah, well, most people will be busy jerking it to really care what's going on (I swear, there's like no more appreciation for these things) How about a text scroll over a dimmed screen of the end result?
Heheh, speaking of cheerios. I've got some Wheato's and some cream cheese, you know what I'm talking about?

Fatelogic responds:

Yeah, well... in the end, it's intended to be a game for people to jerk to it, so I really don't need to add much more... it's just a personal preference, but I'll have to balance what I want with what I need...

And yeah, I know, but let's not get into the heavy details xD


2012-12-31 00:21:48

This is just as I said, you wanted to add too much and thus it resulted in this. But as I also said you don't need a big context, it's an adult game for crying out loud it's made so lots of guys can strangle their painis.

It reminds me of a joke I heard, it's goes like this ''Playing a game for the graphics is like watching a porno for the story''

Fatelogic responds:

Yeah, but you're forgetting that, in the end, I intend to do art. Erotic art for the most part, but it's still art. If I wanted guys to cum, I'd become a male prostitute... and the idea isn't very appealing.


2012-12-31 01:53:10

Well I bet you're a little bumped because you don't want this to look like your average adult game (I see where you're coming from). But this might be for the best just for the sake of time and you'll be able to move on from this and start working on other projects.

Still I could tell that you really wanted to add it in... Maybe one of these days you could add a video giving backstories to all of your original characters and then you wouldn't have to worry about putting too much story into your future games because people will already know of their backstories? I dont know, I'm just blurting out ideas.

Anyways, I'm excited to see it!!!!


2012-12-31 05:24:41

Hmm.. well that is rather troubling. now i've no knowledge on flash.. so i am no help.
HOWEVER.. i still think you could maybe make a 2 part to this flash? Just a suggestion you dont have to.

In any case i am still keeping my fingers crossed :) i know that when it is released it will be great none the less. So with that said keep going my friend your doing a amazing job.


2012-12-31 12:41:14

As soon as I read this I was thinking maybe you could upload it to swfchan? It says that it allows 30/60 MB.


2012-12-31 20:13:47

i say how about you split it into two so that way all the hard work you wanted to do wouldn't be wasted


2013-01-10 19:42:31

You ask people if theres a way to bypass the 20mb limt?

Fatelogic responds:

Nep, it won't be needed. I guess I can find my way around it.