Fluttertime! Near completion!

2013-01-13 01:24:31 by Fatelogic

Yepppp. Only my lazyness is keeping me from finishing it to tell you the truth XD

Well, so let's tell how things are:

* Sex animations. CHECK!
* In-game interactivity. CHECK!
* Ending scene animation. CHECK!
* Core game testing. CHECK!

Overall... it's all done. I just need to put the bits and pieces that are lacking together, do some more relativelly easy scripting, add some sounds and shit, finish the intro and outro narration, give the prerelease to the sponsors to test it, add the sponsor logo and... yeah, that would be it.

Honestly, I'm just slacking off xD I mean, I'M SOOOO TIRED XDDDD But yeah... once I find the strength needed for the last push, it'd be pretty much done and ready to be published.

Fate out!


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2013-01-13 02:14:59

I would want to test it, my test is if I can fap to it 3/3 time in a row you pass XDDD

Fatelogic responds:

Quite a harsh ordeal xD


2013-01-13 05:39:16

I can not wait to try it :)


2013-01-13 08:23:50

Oh hell yeah I can't bloody wait bro :D


2013-01-13 08:23:50

Oh hell yeah I can't bloody wait bro :D


2013-01-13 11:41:30

we all are lazy at times


2013-01-13 12:26:37

You deserve the laziness good sir, I await your work with growing anticipation!


2013-01-13 15:17:01

I'll test it but sadly I can't due to my parents.


2013-01-14 01:01:54

YAY!!!! I can't wait to see it man.