High level art trade ^^

2013-01-19 19:07:56 by Fatelogic

I was lying there... you know, chilling after all the fuss about my last game, 3 months of endless work and such, and I felt like trying something different, something I've never done before... and hey! I've never done an art trade before, right? I mean, I did requests when I was starting, coms when I got good enough... hell, even flash animations and games, but never an art trade... curious...

Anyway, I decided to, for a change of pace, look for artists interested in doing an art trade. Something along the lines of "I draw one of your OCs, you draw one of mine" sorta deal. You know, no costs nor issues other than just a piece for piece.

Now, before many of you start rushing to reply and such, I have to tell you a couple points... I'm looking for an art trade with another professional artist. Since my watcher's list has been growing kinda a lot latelly, I'm not absolutelly sure of how many "professional" illustrators are among those lines (I do know about a few though, but I can't keep in touch with each single watcher xD My head would explode).

I do not like to talk too high and mighty about my own works, mainly because I think that would be somewhat presumptuous, werther you consider me a professional artist or not.

However, since I'm looking for an interesting trade, I do have to set a standar for it, and that would be that, at least the artist himself/herself, considers his/her works on par with mine or better. I encourage those who are interested in evaluating my proposal to have a certain degree of self critique (meaning: be honest with yourself. If you think you're up for it, leave a message, but if you draw stick figures and have an humongous ego thinking you're the next Salvador Dali... well, chances are slim xD)

As a way to evade missunderstandings, I won't reply to the offers in this journal. I'll see who are willing to do a nice art trade with me, check their artworks (unless I already know them), and for those who result interesting (for my own personal view, of course, that's all) I will send them a note to flesh out the details and such.

By the way, there's no rush or anything like that, you can leave a message showing interest even if you can't do the art trade ASAP. It's more for getting in touch and being able to manage things for when we both get some free time, no pressure.

IIIIII think that's all for now... I'll polish the details later if something doesn't fit, but I guess it's pretty self explanatory.

And don't get down if I do not note you. It doesn't means I think you're a bad artist or anything like that. It could be that I don't see my OCs in your style, maybe I arranged something before, or hell, most probably (since I know pro artist are quite busy... tell me that... 3 FRIGGIN MONTHS... ok, calm down Fate...) I'll have to cancell it for lack of response...

Let's see how things turn up, shall we?

Fate out!!!


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2013-01-19 19:22:23

Keep up all the fantastic work that you do buddy it will always be amazing. ^^

Fatelogic responds:

Thx pal ^^


2013-01-20 08:24:28

Fate I hope you keep making stuff as long as your alive because they are truly incredible...does that sound weird I hope not ^^


2013-01-20 08:24:28

Fate I hope you keep making stuff as long as your alive because they are truly incredible...does that sound weird I hope not ^^


2013-01-20 08:27:13

Sorry it got posted two times :(


2013-03-11 02:23:02