Which of these weird ideas should I sexualize eventually? xD (careful, strange concepts ahead)

2013-01-19 21:47:10 by Fatelogic

So I was holding a poll at DeviantArt, but since the ammount of followers I've got here is almost as big as the one I have at DA, I decided to bring the poll here as well for you guys to vote, so here are the options :D Pick one per user and comment your choice :D

1) Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy (from the "Mass Effect" game series)

2) Slenderman (as a genderbender called "Slendergirl", from "Slender")

3) Kratos (as a genderbender, from "God of War")

4) Moro (from "Dotto Koni Chan")

5) Squall (as a genderbender, from "Final Fantasy 8")

6) Myself (I bet you never expected that one xD Yeap, a genderbendered "Fatelogic")

If you're wondering why I'm an option myself... it's because I've lost a bet to my brother (a very geek bet too) and that's the price to pay -.- fucking karma...

Anyway, pick your fav and comment :D

Fate out!


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2013-01-19 22:58:38

Well, Tali would be too obvious, slenderman never actually crossed my mind, squall is already a little bitch so nothing much to do there, and you, really?

Heheh, I say Kratos. I think it'll look cool! Cross of sexyness and brutality. Plus, it'll be interesting to see what the fanboys think :}

Fatelogic responds:

Vote taken... but don't badmouth Squall, he's my favourite FF protagonist... xD

Fuck Cloud.


2013-01-19 23:07:21

Slenderman and Kratos are my picks.
Both sound very interesting. c:

Fatelogic responds:

Since it's only one per user, I'll take your first pick, Slenderman.

Thx for the vote ^^


2013-01-20 00:17:30

6, But it'll be easier to compare if did one solo pic of your 63 self then make another one where your current self fucks your 63 self.

Fatelogic responds:

Me screwing my female self? I'd say that sounds sorta narcisist, but it's so twisted I can't even really call it that... although it'd be funny on a bizzarre way, I'll admit XD

(Btw, why do people wanna see me genderbendered? The DA poll shows quite a fraction rooting for that as well... Is it karma retribution... sick f***s XDDDDD)


2013-01-20 00:30:58

i'll got with number 2 because it would be hilarious XD

Fatelogic responds:

Another vote for Slender then ^^


2013-01-20 00:31:13



2013-01-20 01:41:31


Fatelogic responds:

My pc would implode -.-


2013-01-20 01:51:48

Hell, I'm voting for number 2. : D Slendergirl? Sounds epically hot. <3 Plus, (without having looked around a whole lot) there isn't a whole lot of genderbender slendy pics. T-T Here's hoping for # 2, -new fan after watching your lil pony videos- the rogue.

Fatelogic responds:

Thanks for the vote bro, and glad u enjoyed my last game ^^

For the time being, it's becoming quite a 3 sided fight between:

Tali Zorah Vas Normandy, Slendergirl and...



Seriously, wtf guys? xD


2013-01-20 02:21:51

Oh god.... I'm going to grossed out if I vote!

Ugh, god dammit!!!!! Alright.... just go.... for...... Kratos! THERE! I feel disgusting right now!!!!!! I'm contributing to this madness lol!

Fatelogic responds:

There, there...

It could have been worse, ya know? xD


2013-01-20 02:32:16

hey... look at that lady over there. Hold on.. wait... is that Fatelogic?

Fatelogic responds:

Should I count that as a vote for my genderbendered self...?

Do you know I'm on second place, just one vote, ONE VOTE below Tali Zorah?



Alright... it's your call bros...

How da fuck is this going to end...? xD


2013-01-20 04:15:17

What kind of a brother, who determined the price for the failure? And what's interesting is that people want to see you in such a form
My choice is Tali'Zorah. We will fight for your release! ( but the soul needs only Nym ^^)

Fatelogic responds:

xD Tali Zorah it is then ^^


2013-01-20 04:19:56

For your rescue*... my damn english -_-


2013-01-20 06:44:15

Hmm, on the one hand you seem to dislike people choosing a genderbend of yourself, and while I would take little lascivious pleasure from that, I would take great pleasure from your suffering, because I'm an asshole. On the other hand, I am quite fond of the idea of Slendergirl, seems like she'd be a classy lady and I do likes 'em with a big class. Hmm... let's see what the coin toss has to say.

... Sorry, dude, my vote apparently goes to a genderbended Fatelogic.

Fatelogic responds:

Don't blame the coin, blame yourself, you sadist xDDDDDD

Ok... another vote for... me... *sigh*


2013-01-20 08:03:30

I'm not sure what exactly you mean by "Gender Bender" but hoping for the best, I would say:
Slendergirl sounds good - hands and tentacles :megusta: But she would lack a mouth...
Kratos might seem good in my head but there's a level you could genderbend him and tone down the abs and muscles beyond which it loses resemblance to him. I don't really care for Hulk girls
Others will not get the popularity you desire.....

So my vote is for Slendergirl.

Fatelogic responds:

Who'd have thought that Slendergirld would be such a hot pick xD

Another vote for SG. Thanks for your time bro ^^


2013-01-20 08:21:35

I vote on Nr.6 :3 i really wanna see it >:3

Fatelogic responds:


Another vote for me...

I won't complain anymore xD I just surrendered (but I'll still kick my brother in the teeth while he sleeps -.-)


2013-01-20 09:21:48

I pick number 2 Slendergirl ^^

Fatelogic responds:

SG it is then ^^


2013-01-20 14:27:50

I vote for Tali! She's one of my favorite ME characters, and I'd love to see a decent adult game for her. :) For your own option, why do you have to be genderbent? It couldn't be your normal self on a quest for sexy girls, or was genderbending part of the bet?

(Updated ) Fatelogic responds:

Vote for Tali then!

And yeah, genderbending was part of the deal... I should learn when to stop a bet...


2013-01-20 15:34:49

Gotta be Tali hands down

Fatelogic responds:

I kinda expected that xD


2013-01-20 16:43:22

obvious choice or not...(clears throat, then chants) TALI TALI TALI TALI TALI TALI TALI TALI TALI TALI, thank you

Fatelogic responds:

xD Got many ME fans here.


2013-01-20 17:10:33

Tali please, as funny as it would be to see you rule 63 yourself, its not really my cup of tea, good work on M.S.A Fluttertime though.

Fatelogic responds:

Funny for who? xD You're sparing me of a great deal, thx :P

Tali it is.


2013-01-20 17:37:05

Hmmm. You're not going to like what I'm going to say. *or maybe you secretly do*.

I'm voting for.... You! :D

...What. You could've seen that coming. Logically, that's fate. (ohohohoh the pun)

Fatelogic responds:

U just wanna get a laugh, admit it xD

Fate then... Gsus.


2013-01-20 19:52:40

Probably you, Tali or Kratos i dont really care which

Fatelogic responds:

roll a dice and pick one


2013-01-20 20:10:16

If you gender bend squall I'll destroy you :D. yea seriously not squall, I love the FF series, man. Tali.


2013-01-20 21:47:48

yourself just cause you lost a bet

Fatelogic responds:

Astonishingly logical... -.-


2013-01-20 22:12:18

Well,i have NO idea what any of the char's are (Exept you and slender,and slender rule 34'd? *Shudder*..No thanks) Id say your choice for me...or If ya dont pick id say you or Tail. i dont even really know im drunk right now #_#