Fluttertime! First Donor!

2013-01-22 23:39:26 by Fatelogic

Just taking a little break over the production of my next piece to thank our first Fluttertime donor!

(30.000 plays and one donor among them, that's more than what I expected actually xD)

Thank you "Benjamin Brown" (cool name btw bro xD) for your kind donation (very generous as well I might add)! Your support is really appreciated :D

A round of applause for him! *clapclapclapclap*

Thanks bro! Nowwwwwwwwwwwwww I gotta get into my work again, so see ya later folks! :D

Fate out!


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2013-01-23 00:04:59

I can't afford to donate at the moment, but I'll commission you very soon Fate!

Fatelogic responds:

XD Np. It's a donation button. It's meant for people who can and want to collaborate. I'm not in it for the money.


2013-01-23 00:19:31

I feel myself like a loser -_- .
Anyway, glad for you!

Fatelogic responds:

Why should you? xD As I said before, I'm not in it for the money, it's just a little push from those who can and are willing to, nothing more.


2013-01-23 03:42:30

I understand, but it comes from the depths of the soul. Mood, in general ^^


2013-01-23 20:29:54

I cant donate but I can get this game more views, if I post it on my porn blog XD

Fatelogic responds:

xD Again, I'm not in it for the money. This journal was just a way to thanking the first donor xD


2013-01-24 00:57:07

Pretty soon I'll be able to donate money Fate! I swear!!!

Fatelogic responds:

xD I thank your good intentions, but as I said, I haven't posted this for any other reason than that of thanking someone's goodwill xD I do belive donations should usually remain anonymous, or at least unanounced... I feel bad otherwise xD


2013-01-24 18:22:35

i have seen both your games and i really enjoy them. i hope you manage to get enough donations to make the next M.S.A. although i must admit i am very curious as to what you will do with R.D. maybe you could give us a little sneak peak as to what you have in mind?

Fatelogic responds:

I thank your interest, but I cannot give previews over something I haven't even started to think about xD The sequel to MSA, if there is any, will have to wait a long time sadly, because I've got multiple projects in the list, and they're not MLP related xD Sry bout that.


2013-01-25 05:41:15

Hm... multiple projects... it's will be a great pleasure to see your earlier characters.
"If you know what i mean" ^^


2013-01-26 04:36:45

it makes me a little sad that there is no preview to the next MSA. although i understand you have a lot to do and possible not enough time to do it. but i do hope for the sequel to MSA, because i must say, i've never been more, well, curious of the solution to a cliffhanger then what you did with Fluttertime. needless to say, great work and i hope you make a lot more great games in the future.

Fatelogic responds:

Glad u enjoyed the game bro. The sequel won't be planned yet (not in the short run at least), but at least you have something to entertain yourself with in the meantime xD