Looking for Background Artists

2013-01-26 21:00:20 by Fatelogic

Is anyone here good at drawing and painting backgrounds? BG design and the sort?

I asked this many times in the past, but since now the audience has grown up, maybe someone here is able to draw GOOD backgrounds... anyone?

Fate out!


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2013-01-26 21:08:03

I do, but not at the caliber that you require. Give it a few more years, and I'll be your man! hahah

Fatelogic responds:

I might be dead by next month -.- xD


2013-01-26 22:28:39

What would you count as a good BG? XD
I'm decent at it but umm probably not up to your standards. I'm kinda a shitty artist.

Fatelogic responds:

By good I mean from "semi professional" to professional level.


2013-01-26 23:48:26

Have you tried asking the Collab or Art forums?

Fatelogic responds:

Good idea bro. I'm gonna try there. Thx for the heads up.


2013-01-27 03:57:28

Id love to help you out fate but backgrounds arn't my forte i'm more of a character creator compared to those whom are kickass as backgrounds. Wish i could help ya out bud :\..

However let this not be disheartening there is someone out there whom is bound to be your person for backgrounds. I am rooting for ya man :D


2013-01-27 03:57:53

*At backgrounds.. Forgive my error down below XD.

Fatelogic responds:

No worries xD Happens :P


2013-01-27 05:58:30

I always envied people who can create many things: artists, musicians, poets. Sadly, that nature has deprived me of this ability. I would be very happy to help you.

But as jjjkuk sad, try ask listed places.

Fatelogic responds:

I tried, but BG artists seem to avoid me o.o


2013-01-27 15:57:04

Heh, if only I could, but oh well. Happy 50th entry, btw.

Fatelogic responds:

Thx xD


2013-01-27 17:55:29

I unfortunately am not your man. I wish I was as a good as an artist as you...

But I'll try asking people that I know that can draw.