Tali piece cancelled

2013-01-31 16:08:55 by Fatelogic

Sorry guys, I know you all wanted to see the finished piece done and all that, but I'm really not getting into it... I don't know if it's a mood thing, if there's something with the balance of the image or whatnot, but I'm REALLY not enjoying the making of the piece (it feels almost like a chore), and when things get down to this point... I feel like I have to pull the plug out of it... Sorry guys, someday I'll make a nice Tali piece... but, at least for now... I'm not able to enjoy it... IDK why... hope you understand -.-

Fate out!


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2013-01-31 16:53:44

It's okay Fate, I don't mind.


2013-01-31 18:29:38

I understand. It's not a big deal to me.


2013-01-31 21:22:42

I'll cry myself to sleep tonight, but I understand.


2013-02-01 05:36:29

Don't cry, Saminat.
Well, it's your choice, Fate. Take a little break, this maybe give you nice idea of next work.
And we (i hope so) waiting for your earlier heroines. Nym Rose is not dead!