How did you became a Fatelogicker?

2013-02-14 00:25:41 by Fatelogic

Yeah, pretty simple question... IDK how I didn't thought about it before... beats me...

How did you got in touch with my work? Where? A friend told you? Saw a piece of mine in another site? I prone to bet that many might have known my job from my two hentai games, "Slave to Pleasure: The Black Box" and "My Sexy Anthro: Fluttertime!", but I do know as well that more than 50% of my watchers were here before I even did StP, so there... tell me your story I'm sure there must be one out there I wasn't expecting XD

Fate out!


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2013-02-14 07:42:09

well i saw your art and thought you were pretty cool


2013-02-14 13:22:41

you are very good at making hentai interactive games if you can pull off the main 6 and 1 other one im sure you will get a lot of attention. I don't even like ponies and i "enjoyed" the game you have made.

nice job fatelogic


2013-02-14 20:02:21

How I got in touch with your work because I've been venturing around newgrounds and saw your name and looked at your amazing work.


2013-02-14 20:47:36

I saw your art and liked alot so i just kinda gravitated i guess


2013-02-14 23:39:14

Founded your name on a review, so I visited your profile and saw what you made. And its awesome and sexy :3


2013-02-15 00:18:06

well i was looking through the latest art one day and came across your piece "Here Comes A New Challenger". So i decided to see what other art you had and I really liked what i saw.


2013-02-15 00:51:52

After perusing the new art for the day I saw your art. To be honest... it took a handful of pictures before i didn't to follow you.
And now we are here.
Awesome work!!!


2013-02-15 13:11:16

I think it was back when you placed a help wanted ad for StP. Heheh, I thought you had some sexylicious art!


2013-02-15 14:36:11

I was looking through some Peach art and I found your piece! So I was like, "this is pretty good." Then I clicked on your profile and that's where the fun began.


2013-02-18 16:27:03

I dunno. The only thing that pops up in my head when i hear ,,Fatelogic'' is your art.


2013-02-20 23:27:30

You are a great animator and game maker and all, but if i may, can i make a request for you to make a "sim date?" Involving lance and the other anthros? The scene is perfect and all, but a challenge is always fun! I'm sorry if i repeated a question, I just like a good sim date, and these scenes and characters have potential. Just think about it. -.-'


2013-02-22 14:23:40

when are you coming out with round 2! of fluttertime i want to play it badly!!!


2013-02-27 15:51:51

AGREED WITH dragonslayer5697! We want round 2! Man, I want round 2 so damn much.


2013-03-03 13:55:08

I'm proud to be a Fatelogicker.
Keep up the good work of art!~