M.S.A. 2 Fundraiser Consideration

2013-03-19 03:09:21 by Fatelogic

It has been almost two months since the release of "M.S.A. Fluttertime!", and just in that short span of time, it has already been played 121,962 times AT NEWGROUNDS ALONE... with the humungous ammount of distributions and re-releases in countless other sites, the reach of it isnear the half a millon plays... that´s... quite a lot :S

Many of you (if not... ALL of you xD) had (and still are) asked me if there is a possibility of a "M.S.A. 2"... and truth be told, under normal circumstances... that chace seems bleak... The sheer ammount of work, preparation, programming, testing, etc. makes such idea almost impossible to take on again, due to the enormous ammount of time such project requires (it was a +3 month 24/7 project just for the first release of M.S.A.)

Having that in mind the first time I made said game, I opted for a voluntary donation pool AFTER it's release, but the results were... well... scarse xD

Don't get me wrong, I totally appreciate all the donations that supported the project... all 4 of them, get my point? XD

So, this time, I'm evaluating the possibility of acting backwards, as to make such idea more viable. And that's where I ask for your opinion.

What do you think about the idea of a Fundraiser for the production of "M.S.A. 2"? Having seen how almost half a millon plays contain a potential of a strong fundraising basis over low contribution "per head", I thought that it could be a possibility if M.S.A. 2 were to be considered to undergo developement, so gimme your thoughts. Do you think it has a future? What do you think should be the basic goal ammount considering those numbers? Would you support such idea?

I'm just inquiring about the issue. M.S.A. 2 is still just a possibility hanging in the air, so obviously, there's no fundraiser yet. I just wanted to know your thoughts about the issue before giving this further thought.

Fate out!!!


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2013-03-19 08:57:10

msa 1 has been done very well, but I figured I would be a little longer. I'd like to see a sequel to this game. You should make cutscenes more complex, adding more audio and if you can not put a loop that continues throughout the game, because I was a little bored of the msa 1 ...

-sorry for my writing, I do not speak english well-

Fatelogic responds:

Sadly, I don't think those points can be worked out. MSA 1 already occupied 20 MBs (NG's limit size), so doing something even more complex would exceed such limit.


2013-03-19 10:53:33

A fundraiser donation thingie sounds like a heck of an idea! Hmmm, I'm wondering if you should just do a kick starter, but I'm not entirely sure about that. Heheh, as for story-wise, please make sure there is more jazz music! Hahahah :}


2013-03-19 17:01:50

I think a fundraiser is a great idea man, i would love to see a M.S.A. 2!