A small withdraw

2013-04-06 04:22:48 by Fatelogic

I feel like I need to take some time to sharpen my pencil skills... Sketch practice, you know... poses, references, colthing practice, etc.

So, I'm probably gonna stay low for a time in order to bring something fresh and different once I feel like I acchieved what I set out for.

I'm gonna stay here though, of course. I'll keep reading your comments and try to answer them to my best...

I just need a period of quietude and practice to go back to my roots and rediscover the enjoyment of drawing, and hopefuly, come back with better pieces and such ^^

Fate out!

A small withdraw


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2013-04-06 08:26:55

Better pieces than that? Heheh, if you say so!

Well, I respect your decision, and eagerly await your return!


2013-04-06 14:25:40

Nice. You just gained a new follower!


2013-04-08 16:19:23

I hope that you can find yourself the pleasure to draw again. Will be waiting for your return.


2013-04-12 15:57:33

Take all the time you need Fate and we will be eagerly waiting for what ever you bring us.


2013-04-12 21:23:03

Just a passin' idea:
Try to ''redo'' the first drawing you did, it might help you refind what you liked so much in drawing ;)


2013-04-13 19:23:52

love flutter time can't wait for your next game!


2013-04-14 04:06:22

Take as much time as you need, friend. We will be waiting eagerly for your next work.