Why you shouldn't mind NG's "stars system"

2013-04-22 15:12:21 by Fatelogic

Let's see... I have seen many people in both sides of the spectrum regarding NG's star rating system. Some enraged because their collaborations to the site seem to get unfairly beat down with 0's, and some exhilarating with unmeasured pride for reaching ridiculous ammounts of 5's. Even when I myself fare pretty well, I won't lie, truth is that measuring the degree of "success" or "failure" of your works based on the "star ranking" NG provides is rather pointless, and does not represent a fair, "democratic" (if you will) reflection of people's "objective" degree of approval or rejection about your work, so for all of those (young artists or collaborators mostly, who seem to get the most beaten up here) out there, let me give you the reasons why you should take NG's star ranking just as a VERY vague meassurement, and not as a biblic command (I'll reffer myself mainly to the "art" category, since that's where I spend 95% of my time here):

1) Each vote has a different "weight": NG star rating system doesn't promotes "fair judgements", it promotes further participation on the site, regardless of the fairness or expertise (or lack of) to judge. The "weight" of your vote depends on the ammount of experience the user has accumulated by participating on a daily basis on the site (by voting, blamming, saving, etc.) Therefore, if out of 10 people, 9 think you deserve 5 stars, but only 1 with far more "experience points" thinks you deserve 0 (because he's a douche, let's be serious. You'd have to be really awful an artist to really deserve a fair 0), the outcome will get unbalanced, because his/her vote is worth maybe even more than that of 9 "low level" users... which doesn't make any sense, since voting should be equal. Your oppinion isn't worth more or less than that of your fellow users.

2) Non objective evaluation (0 or 5 syndrome): Let's be honest here... it's rather rare for many users to vote anything but 0 or 5, and most of their decision is based on "the content" of the piece rather than the technique itself. I, for example, draw a lot of adult oriented pieces, and therefore, a lot of people vote 5 because there are boobs, and a lot of other people vote 0 for the exact same reason. It's rare to see someone vote, for example, a 4, and base it's judgement with an objective mindset, focusing on your style, the time you took to come with the piece, the management of the color palette, and so on.

3) Trolls & grudges: Let's face it, people. The site is full of trolls. Now don't get me wrong, luckyly fair, reasoning users are still the majority around here, but you'll always end up being focused by some dumb kid who hasn't got any other way of feeling better with himself/herself that by trying to make everyone around him misserable (for some, it's easier to beat those better than him down and bring them to their level than to improve themselves... pityful, I know, but plausible nevertheless). And other times, voting can be used unfairly as a "punishment" or "payback" method from users you haven't been able to get along with (I have a couple of those, but I just block them instead of fueling a flame war... what's the point anyway?) to crap on your hard work regardless of the quality.

4) Excessive competition: I always found "rating systems" in some sites or media to be a way of meassuring your objectives, and if I got 2nd, 3rd, 4th place and so on, I tend to consider that an incentive to improve myself........... sadly, many users see this rating tool as a way to promote their own works by toning down their fellow artists ranking. In the end, being avobe everyone else gives you more exposition, and not everyone wishes to play fair when their egos are on the line. Fortunatelly, those kind of users are a big minority as you go "up in the ladder", since you can't become a good artist by spitting on the work of those of your equal skills (it's not a moral stand. It's a fact. Either you screw other's works, or you use that time to get better at what you do, so in that sense, the universe balances itself rather fairly. No artist has gone far by screwing those better than himself)

So those are my main four reasons why you shouldn't feel discouraged if your works don't get the first spot in the daily ranking or so on. The whole ranking system of NG isn't geared towards objective judgement, but rather towards "planning and participation on the site" (without regards of that participation being of good quality or not. The number is what counts.) Is it a bad way of ranking? I myself can think of many improvements that could be done, but again, the site isn't focused on fair evaluation, but more on popularity and activity, so my thoughts about it are rather pointless for those purposes... All I wanted to get across is that you shouldn't feel blue if a piece or game or soundtrack or whatever you have collaborated to the site doesn't get the recognition you expected. Keep your cool about the subject and just keep on rolling with what you enjoy to do, since those whose oppinion is really worth will always end up finding you, and that's all that matters.

Fate out!

Why you shouldn't mind NG's "stars system"


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2013-04-22 19:04:42

I usually vote right or left of what I think the score should be, pretty rare for me to vote a whole number away from the current score.


2013-04-22 20:21:29

Again you TheDubstepFreak. Tell you what, if you dont like what Shadman or Fateologic do, then just simply dont watch their creations and do another thing, everyone has its own tastes.
To put it simple Dubstep, go fuck yourself.

Fatelogic responds:

Meh, at least it's a practic example of what I was talking about, so there's that... xD


2013-04-22 22:53:48

I very rarely give anything a vote less than 3 stars, unless it truly deserves it. I personally pay more attention to the action, jokes, and general plot than I do the actual animation; isn't that why we all liked Egoraptor's early flashes? Yes I normally give things a vote of 5, but if I notice something that could have been changed, I'll put it in a review, and usually dock it half a star or two. For example, your last picture. Sure it was a fantastic piece like always, but the way you drew here waist connecting to her butt made her look obscenely skinny. I'm sure there were probably other minute flaws that I'm not knowledgeable enough to understand, but you get my point! One flaw doesn't diminish the awesomeness of it all, and I'm sure there are plenty more people who don't give a rat's ass as they reach for their "Fatessues" :} As for all the stupid hubbub about the star system, if only there were more people like us who were more laid back about the whole ordeal!


2013-04-23 18:00:35

i guess its the best that they can come up with lol...

if im right then thats really sad..


2013-04-24 00:49:56

Well seeing as I myself am an artist and just like you I post out adult oriented drawings I mostly do it for the fun of it. And seeing as unlike a majority I am not carrying an advanced drawing tool like sai or Photoshop I am indeed still able and produce pieces of art for people to see.

In my honest opinion I think it is a bigger reward in its own way drawing for fun and posting instead of carrying what voting rank people give you. If you are good at what you do and you love what you are drawing as well as give your 110% while you are drawing it then there is a sense of accomplishment we all feel when we finish.

And there is a decent amount of "T.R.O.L.L.S." On newgrounds that's a given at least 5 out of 10 of those trolls are signed up elsewhere. It's safe to say no matter where you post there are going to be those types of people who hate rate only because they dislike what you produce.

Regardless an artist shouldn't look at negative remarks and such as a bad thing instead they should continue carrying themselves onward and into his/her future success.


2013-04-25 16:09:30

You speak the truth. The real problem is when those ratings you mention apply to submission score rather than reviews. Especially in the main portal people seem to bombard submissions with 5s just to get protection points. Or maybe it's a trend that stems from FB, people are so encouraged to Like everything that they aren't bother to vote fairly, just like or dislike. Much easier. I'm happy for all reviews I get that aren't just 0 or 5 though, even if they aren't always biased they're still based on an observation rather than just an overall impression.


2013-05-05 19:02:58

Haters gonna hate, Fate. Keep up the good work :]


2013-05-17 17:10:17

I got a request:
Draw an old man and start from the nose.


2013-06-01 17:47:27

Yeah I also hate it when spam flashes gets 5 bombed then possibly good flashes gets 0 bombed. Also when are you gonna make more rule 63 pic/porn?


2013-06-01 20:54:05

hey are you going to make any hentai movies soon?

or any thing like that? :P

just asking..