Tired & Bored & Tired

2013-06-16 09:55:31 by Fatelogic

Meh, I'll take a break for some time... I'm pretty tired and I'm starting to find my style unappealing... I wanna do some major changes... Wether I can or cannot make them happen are another thing altogether... but I'm growing really tired of my style... I will probably try some drastic changes...

Meh, whatever, I'm sleepy right now...

Fate out.

Tired & Bored & Tired


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2013-06-16 12:52:26

Nooooooooo!!!! I still need to commission you first!

Heheh, alrighty, go ahead and take as long as you need, maybe something great will come out of it!


2013-06-16 15:13:04

Breaks are always a good thing dude. Maybe you'll get some good perspective. Take as long as you need.


2013-06-16 21:28:50

Pfft what are you talking about Fate your style is unique it is its own.
I think it's very amazing just improve upon your style and a lot more favorable results will bloom from it :).


2013-06-16 23:06:19

"Good things for those who wait"

Take as long as you need, I got the other pieces of art made by you to look at! That'll keep me busy