Comissions Pre-Opening

2013-06-20 10:51:32 by Fatelogic

Well, my PC should be back in a couple days, so I thought it was due time to open the Com slots again!!!

I'll leave you a quick stub regarding the general prices so far, but please check the "Commissions OPEN!!!" article at my profile (link: to know the details ^^

Prices (general outlines):

First character: 50 U$D
Each aditional character: 25 U$D
Backgrounds are debatible. Simpler BGs like colors and such are easier and, therefore, cheaper than complex, concrete BGs or landscapes. The prices usually range from 10 to 30 U$D unless stipulated otherwise (all negotiated via PMs)
Pencil sketchs: Per Character: U$D 10

Feel free to ask whatever doubt you've got. (Just in case though, I'll answer here: I don't accept points as a form of payment.)

Fate out!!!


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2013-06-20 11:58:30

Heck yeah! I'm going to have to start getting ready my idea!

Fatelogic responds:

Sure thing ^^


2013-06-20 12:22:34

Well shoot :O.. gonna have to save to commission you one day Fate :D
Still I love seeing you taking them again.

All sorts of ideas will come flowing in soon