If you wanna make a commission request:

2013-06-20 19:42:10 by Fatelogic

Send me a PM now (or as soon as possible). I need time to work on each piece, so the sooner, the better (more time for me to come up with a decent base).

Fate out!


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2013-06-21 03:59:54

I detest being poor.
So how's the commission work been, getting work on a regular basis?

Fatelogic responds:

Many coms asked so far. It will take a serious amount of work -.-


2013-06-21 17:30:48

wish I had sum money right bout' now


2013-06-22 03:17:15

Wish I could help but from comic book maker, to the guy who makes sexy woman pictures I will say this don't give up on it. I wish you luck and please don't stop what your doing.