Selective Commission Slot Open!

2013-10-27 21:35:04 by Fatelogic

Well, I figured I could use a break from all these long term projects (and I could use a buck too), so yeah, I formally announce that one selective commission slot is open!

What does this means/How does this works?

If you're interested in asking for a commission, you can send me a note with all the details of the piece you want me to illustrate. Keep in mind my prices, of course (they're all listed below my DeviantArt ID, so check 'em out: ).

Once you've sent me your note, I'll read it and wait a bit for the other ones to arrive. Then, I'll pick one of them and take the job. If your note isn't answered in more or less three days (could be a minute, could be the whole three days, depending on my schedule), then that means that another commission has already been taken. Don't worry though, I expect to open new slots every now and then, so you'll get your chance. All I ask is for those who are left unanswered not to press on the matter further. It's nothing personal, I just haven't got enough time to take all commissions, so I have to be, you guessed it: selective.

All in all, that's pretty much it. If you have any doubts, feel free to send me a note with them. I'll answer them to the best of my abilities (which isn't saying much, but meh, you'll have to stick with me XD)

Fate out!!!

Selective Commission Slot Open!


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2013-10-28 17:53:53

Sent you a message on Deviant Art, under WatcherofAll88


2013-10-28 20:51:19

I would ask to fill the slot but sadly I don't know exactly what to do. Sorry