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MSA 2! Funding Poll and Possibilities:

Posted by Fatelogic - November 3rd, 2013

Check the details on this note and participate in the trial poll for the possible funding method of "MSA 2!"


MSA 2! Funding Poll and Possibilities:

Comments (5)

It is finally good to see something new in the news feed thank god! Was starting to feel like nothing new would pop up over the weekend. Okay now as for your new project.. :D I'm excited I am patiently waiting for it to be released. Well that is as soon as the project itself is funded.

Heh, working on so much stuff at the same time that I rarely have any time to make updates as of late, so sorry bout that.

And yeah, let's hope people pitch in and help a bit too xD

I'll always support you dude.also it's mah bday.I know the perfect plan for today :P

Happy birthday, pal!

dam right may i finger her i bit?

$25!? That's nothing! I'll totally support you dude! And I'll try to spread the word as much as I can. So if you're looking for about $2000, then you'll need to 80 people.

From your poll, there's 22 people that would support you. You just need 40 more!

Maybe you should make a short video and post to YouTube or here on NG, so more people will know about it.

And hype the shit out of it on Twitter.

It's all just average calculations. I think I might go for a number around the 2.5k, which would imply 100 donations of 25, but since it's always so irregular (someone might pitch two bucks, and some hardcore fan might throw half the pool (it happened to me in the past), I had to go for a reasonable and realistic number, while it might take from... dunno, 200 donations to perhaps only 25... it all depends on the mindset of each follower.

And regarding promotion, I'll tackle that when the time comes and I've developed enough material for it to be "promotionable", if you get my drift.

Either way, thanks for the support. I hope this picks off so the idea becomes a reality.

If I worked I'd donate alot of money.I'm not saying this to be cool or whatever though