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MSA 2: Information coming up soon!

Posted by Fatelogic - November 22nd, 2013

Well, I've been working on the three main H-scenes for MSA 2 (which are the actual "meat" of the game, if you know what I mean), and the time to open up the donation pool is crawling nearer and nearer. The three scenes are almost finished in the "illustration" department, so after a day or two more of work, I'll be able to move into their actual "animation" process. If these scenes actually prove to be finely animated (since the way my animations work make it difficult to tell until you actually TRY to animate them, piece by piece) I'll proceed to open the donation pool and give you people the details on our target and the little bonuses you'd be able to get if your donation reaches certain numbers (they're mostly credits and a downloadable version with an added application to play fullscreen, but it's still on "prototype" status, so no need to spill the beans bout it yet).

What I mean by this is... you'll get more info about the project and the donation pool as soon as I finish checking the wide details and prove to myself that there'll be no problem in getting MSA 2 done :D

Fate out!

MSA 2: Information coming up soon!

Comments (9)

That picture...dammit Fate you know it's no fap November xD

Lucky you that the game won't be ready for November then... how considerate of me.

Dat laundry machine.

I look forward to it. :D

Looking forward to seeing all your hardwork in this new animation! So keep it up dude

Sweet dude can't fricking wait. :)

Hell ya!!!! I'm stoked!!!! And I'm ready to donate!

Can't wait, Fate! I know it's a lot of work, and I wish you the best of luck.
Stay beautiful.

It is a ton of work, yeah, but hey... gotta stay bussy. Thanks for the support.

Looking forward too it! Really can't wait, Fate! Keep up the beautiful work!

I'll do my best. Thanks.

I am pleased this game is coming out around this time. I was hyped as soon as the Fluttershy one reveled Dash.