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M.S.A 2: Rainbow Round Status Update #2

Posted by Fatelogic - January 3rd, 2014

Well... With all the festivities, my naturalborn lazyness, "Warframe" playing sessions, "If My Hearth Had Wings" and "Yumina the Ethereal" sessions (need my VN fix... as always)... MSA 2 was chilling in the background for a couple weeks.

However, I'm slowly coming back to work with it, and I've made some progress on it, so lemme illuminate you on these last updates:

1) The first scene was already tested, and aside from one particular bug that was already taken care of, all the testers gave a very positive feedback.

2) All the scenes are already made (although the testers have just seen the first of the three), and now I'm working on adding sounds and features into them (I'm wracking my brain to find fitting moaning sounds though... that's holding me back greatly... go figure). Once all the interface details have been refined, I'll send it to the testers to check it out and, hopefuly, I'll be able to say "the main core of the game is good and ready to go".

3) If point "2" becomes a reality (which doesn't seem to be very difficult aside from those fucking sound effects), all I'll have to do left would be to finish writting the "story" part of the game (in a more VNesque style than the first MSA), draw the backgrounds and those things that require less effort than the ACTUAL game, so... yeah, we're closer.

4) The donation marathon will begin when I confirm that the core game is ready. Just to push your buttons, I'll publish an animation loop of the third scene... yeah, this one:4129841_138879712931_msa_2___third_scene_sketch_by_fatelogic-d6u6ehr.jpg  























Can you imagine that... animated?

Yeah, I bet it'll make for a wonderful donation incentive ;)

Anyways, stay on touch, since I feel things will get messy from now on!

Testers, stay in touch. I'll be contacting you in the following days... Let's do this SHIT!!!


Fate out!

Comments (10)

alright cant wait to see this!


I love M.S.A. and can't wait to see the more of these clips. I do have to say one thing. While i like the look for R.D. i just think that the nipple rings weren't needed. Now i am not saying i dislike them it is just i feel they aren't needed even though they do add onto her character.


They'll be optional in MSA 2.

Yes, I know. I'm your new Jesus.

Awesome! Keep up the good work dude.

so what your saying is fate,that we can customize and tweak some stuff while were in game? sweet.

Barely, but yeah, some very small details can be optional.

Cant wait for it, Fate!
Keep up the good work c:

as always can't wait for it i still owe you a donation if i don't get it to you before i'll donate to another great great game

If you plan on Applejack too I'll be all the more anxious.

One at a time, champ. There's so much a single human being can do.

Great Work Fate, im really looking forward to this MSA part 2
Please make sure to add a Creampie option! :D
Keep up the good work, and Thanks for the great series.

Please make M.S.A 3