MSA 2: Your opinion on a critical matter

2014-01-15 23:05:12 by Fatelogic


Well... here's a major "game changer" for the project, so I want to listen to what you, the viewers and future players of the MSA's sequel have to say.

As you know (at least those of you who have already played the first MSA), the original MSA was designed on a rather simple plot to work as a mixture of a short visual novel and, in the middle, a hentai game of flash animations. Truth be told, that last part (the "hentai game") is going very well and advancing at a good rate, but the other "half" of the "original design" (that is, the "story part" of the game, with Lance's antics and his bickering back and forth with the gals of the residence) is really FAR from being finished (in fact, I've got little aside from 3 character models, a couple half done backgrounds (which...  you know I'm not good at), and bits and pieces of the argument).

What I mean by this is that the game's developement speed and lenght changes drastically when you consider the "story" section either IN or OUT the actual project. Taking the story section off would dramatically accelerate MSA's production (a lot), but the game would lose it's narrative and situational context. Keeping the story section as to remain similar in style to the original MSA (a story bit before and after the hentai section) in exchange would feel more continuous with MSA's 1 style, but it will put a great burden on the developement, thus affecting it's speed, size and release date by a great deal...

So here's my question to you, guys and gals, who are ultimatelly the ones that have been asking for a MSA sequel since the release of the original:

Would you preffer a quicker, more direct "load and go to the hentai" scenes without all the context, dialogue and so on that the first MSA had, and thus get the game as a direct "hentai game" with no storyline or argument much quicker to it's release date?

Or would you preffer to keep the "narrative" style of the first MSA intact, with all the dialogue, story, non-h scenes and situational vibe of the original, as to make it play more like a Visual Novel (as the first MSA was), but taking into account that it will take a lot more time to make?

Or long story short: A straight to the point, quicker to release, cut to the chase "hentai game" without context. Or a narrated pseudo "Visual Novel", longer to release, more slow paced game with the "hentai section" in the middle (as the first MSA was).

I hope I'm getting my point across. I'll leave a poll open for you to vote, and please feel free to express your opinions on this matter here in the comments if you want.

Live or die... make your choice.

Had to say that...


--Fate out--4129841_138984511043_msa_2___preview_scene_ii_by_fatelogic-d6tts1u.png


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2014-01-16 00:17:15

Why not both? i like your art style and i hate to see you give up the novel side of this. but just make the game first and add the story later?

Fatelogic responds:

I'm not giving up on anything, I'm just wondering what's the general consensus about the topic. Besides, the voting seems quite one sided here, so I doubt anything will have to stray from the already planned path.


2014-01-16 09:41:39

Give the story, it's interesting and sets it apart from the casual "Jizz and jet" games. Kinda like a reward for waiting, eh? hahaha, but I suppose you could add a skip button as well, right?


2014-01-17 20:02:40

i think the story line was the best part


2014-01-18 00:33:57

Story please


2014-01-18 17:03:05

please add the story bit


2014-01-22 23:31:26

I would also like having the story,to provide context.


2014-01-27 17:11:59

Is there any way to get in on this beta "testing" or do you only use a special group with special needs?


2014-01-29 04:09:47

story plz!


2014-02-03 22:59:37

Loved the first game great job on the story too. The next game it would be good to have the Story with the game again since it worked good in the first game.