MSA2: Quick "What's left" breakdown

2014-05-07 01:27:17 by Fatelogic

Ok guys and gals, quick report on what's left to do for "MSA 2: RainbowRound!" to be ready. This time you'll notice that the number of "points" to be addressed is bigger than last time, but don't panic. Last time, I gave you a general glance of "whole topics" that needed to be tinkered with, but this time I'm going to be specific to the milimetric level, so even if the list is longer, the "required effort and time" is way lower, because I can do more than one of those points on a single day of work (there are a few though that cannot be done that easily, but I'll give you the specifics down here):

What's left?:

1) Write the "Disclaimer" screen, the "Credits" and the "Second Storymode Warning" (this last one will be a double reminder for those who click on storymode as to REMIND them that said mode requires a lot of reading, and that the hentai scenes will be played sequentially with no option of replay or backtracking. For those who want just "a quickie" of hentai, playing the "Free Play Mode" is advisable... AKA: If you insist on playing the storymode and you don't like to read quite a bit, you'll have no one to blame but your own stubborness.)

2) Repair the first BGM track, which jumps to 100% volume before fading for some reason (easily doable, might take only minutes to debug).

3) Fix the hover and click sounds of the "DeviantArt" link button under the "Artist's Sites" option (idem).

4) Finish the storymode (this one might take some time in comparison to most of the other points, but bear with me).

5) Add hover and click sounds to the "Toggle Fullscreen" button at the "Storymode" segment (very quick to do, just copy and paste some code, adding different identifiers).

6) Check and fix words division of the dialogue and soliloquies (might take a bit, but is necessary for easy reading).

7) Create the code for the "Donate" button at the Main Menu (Can't assertain how long this will take, but since it's just button programming, I don't think it'd take that long... I hope).

8) Fix a strange bug where Dashie's model won't change her expression through a couple lines (I don't know the cause of this, but given how I designed the expression changing system, I'm quite sure the problem might be easy to solve... Again, so I hope.)

9) Double check some sound effects and their correct execution (I noticed one or two isolate sounds activating at times they weren't suposed to... I might have just messed up with the timeline somewhere, shouldn't be very difficult to spot the issue).

10) Tweak some minor animation issues on the hentai sequences (optional clothing and piercings go slightly out of sync at some loops, but again, nothing SUPPOSEDLY hard to fix... SUPPOSEDLY).

11) OPTIONAL: Add tounge piercing to the piercings model set, polish fluids animation and figure out the cause of the "Text Spamming Bug" (These three things are still up to consideration on my behalf... If they end up requiring way too much time and effort, I might as well just skip them. They'd be nice small details, but they aren't critical).

12) Check Dashie's blinking patterns at every hentai scene and their subsequent variables (I think I saw Dashie not blink in one or two scenes. I guess I missed that on the first run. Shouldn't be too difficult to fix).

13) Check SFX channels twice (they have slightly odd behaviours at some specific points. Nothing wrong "per se", but it caught my attention. Dunno if it'd be easy or tricky to solve.)

14) Send pre release version to the testers (this doesn't depends on me, sadly. If they test throughly and in appropiate timing, this'd be short. If they don't, it might take a couple days. Nothing I can do there, honestly.)

15) Consider the testers observations. Make grammar corrections where needed, change dialogue or soliloquie lines if deemed way OOC, cheesy or simply "odd feeling" (although under my discretion) and other minor tweaks if they get too much heat from most of the testers.

16) Resend the corrected version to the testers for approval or further revision.

17) Release.


Got any questions? ( If after all this you ask for an estimate release date, I won't say anything mean cause I love you, but you can imagine what to do... :D ) If you do, please send em this way. I'm gonna take a well deserved break now... my eyes are melting.

Fate out!!!


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2014-05-07 03:22:20

Really appreciate these updates. They make the time seem significantly less when we get these to know how things are heading along. Oh! And I love you for this, there is that to. Keep up the hard work, but remember to take plenty of breaks and melt your eyes with some TV or games from time to time instead.


2014-05-07 17:22:06

the only thing I can say is...give yourself a pat on the back m8


2014-05-08 03:40:30

almost out...cant wait...congrats on the hard work


2014-05-10 03:44:19

Are we going to the corner and cry soon?


2014-05-15 12:17:30

i cant wait for the game XD